Management Training – Day 1

“If we don’t want to hire any managers then we had better start learning a bit about management.”

I’m running an informal and improvised and slapdash and fragmented and your-mileage-may-vary management training program for some interested people.

Day 1 is about Tools & Techniques. Some simple, some complex. Four sections.

Decision Making

This section is about decision making, the importance of execution, distinguishing between reversible and irreversible decisions, and the advice process.


Some random issues related to working with other people and, more importantly, for working with yourself.


Discussing some favorite mantras that can be useful as the days go by and you keep coming back to the same topics again and again.

Ninja Tools

Tools that are powerful and scary. Not for the faint of heart. But if used well they can be transformative. The Amazon memo. The GV design sprint. V2MOM. OKRs.

One thought on “Management Training – Day 1

  1. Christian Ehl says:

    Gibts da noch mehr infos zum nachlesen für die, die nicht dabei sein konnten?

    Christian Ehl

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