Monthly Archives: September 2012

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Lots of pitchfests and competitions going on just now. And some people really worried about how to prepare and how they will perform.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. You will just need lots of practice. And to deal appropriately with the fact that this kind of public performance is easier for some people and really not so easy for others. 

But don’t be fooled. Putting on a good show on a stage in front of a jury is very different from having a thoughtful and engaged conversation with e.g. investors, advisors, potential employees, big customers, strategic partners. That is what really counts and where you need to make sure to bring your A-game. Which will be easy if you know your stuff and have done your homework. 

Conversely, this also means that you had better not let pitchfest success get to your head. Looking good in front of a jury may or may not bring you more customers. Probably not.