Ten Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Be German

Better finish the Ten Commandments posts before somebody beats me to it. So here goes.

“Thou Shalt Not Be German”

Meaning two things:

1. Don’t overengineer the product before you introduce it to the market. Of course a beautiful architecture and a rich feature set are wonderful things to strive for. But you won’t know what customers really want until you have put something in front of them and tried to get them to use it and pay for it.Note that this does not mean selling stuff that doesn’t exist (those days are mostly over) or shipping embarrassing crap. 

2. Don’t overestimate your market potential in the German market and don’t underestimate your market potential internationally. Chances are that your product is early and incomplete and therefore mostly relevant for early adopters. Of which there are a disproportionately low number in Germany, a notoriously conservative technology market. Make sure you can address early adopters wherever they are. 

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