Q3/14 Reading List

Gillian Flynn: Gone Girl. Unputdownable.
Stuart O’Grady: Battle Scars. Why not. 
George Hincapie: The Loyal Lieutenant. Actually pretty interesting.
Simon Sebag Montefiore: Stalin. Unbelievable. 
Graeme Simsion: The Rosie Project. Very funny.
Nicolas Roche: Inside the Peloton. Very detailed. Pretty interesting.
Daniel Hope: Familienstücke. Sehr interessant.
Daniel Hope: Toi toi toi. Total überflüssig. 
Elena Ferrante: Abbandono. Strong. 
Josef Bierbichler: Mittelreich. Lesenswert.
Tim Parks: Italian Ways. Pretty weak.
Philipp Meyer: American Rust. Very strong. 
Ned Boulting: How I Won the Yellow Jumper. Middling. 
Ned Boulting: On the Road Bike.  Much better. 
Geoff Dyer. Another Day at Sea. Pretty good. But not his best by far.
Boris Fishman: A Replacement Life. Expected more. 
David Foster Wallace: Infinite Jest. Read the first 200 pages. Surprisingly funny. Must resume some day. 
Donna Tartt: The Goldfinch. Very very good. Not long enough. 
Eleanor Catton: The Luminaries. Impressive. Maybe a bit too long. 
Bernhard Schlink. Die Frau auf der Treppe. Good but not great.
Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg: How Google Works. Not bad at all. 
Julie Schumacher: Dear Committee Members. Cute, but a bit monotonous.  

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