Q2/14 Reading List

Here goes.

Teju Cole: Every Day Is for the Thief. Very impressive.
George Saunders: The Braindead Megaphone. Wow.
Kilian Jornet: Run or Die. Not what I expected.
Arnold Steinhardt: Violin Dreams. Interesting.
Richard Powers: Orfeo. Fantastic.
Michael Lewis: Flash Boys. Good stuff.
Stefan Zweig: Die Welt von Gestern. Pflichtlektüre.
Derek B. Miller: Norwegian by Night. Action hero with dementia, that’s a first.
Larry McMurtry: Lonesome Dove. Strong.
Siegfried Höllrigl: Was weiß der Reiter vom Gehen. Naja.
Max Leonard: Lanterne Rouge. Only for diehards.
Tomas Espedal: Wider die Natur. Stark.
Karl Ove Knausgaard: Leben. Wieder sehr gut.
Irmgard Braun: Nie wieder tot. Flott.

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