Ten Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Require Venture Capital

This is a long and complicated topic. I’m oversimplifying things dramatically here.

The basic rule to consider is this: You get VC when you don’t need it and you might not get it when you do. 


1. An investor loves to invest in a company that basically knows what they’re doing and where there are strong answers to the primary questions around team risk, product risk, market risk. A good way to answer these questions is sustained, profitable, and growing revenue. In which case you don’t need the investment to survive. But you can use it to grow faster.

2. If you do go for a VC investment and it’s the strategy you have and there is no Plan B then that will be immediately obvious to a seasoned investor. And will either drive down the valuation or, more likely, dramatically reduce your chance of getting any investment at all.

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