Ten Commandments: Thou Shalt Know Thine Customer

There are two separate aspects here.

First, know your user. For what job do they employ your product. Here you have to think about product, not feature. And about the specific benefits the user will be receiving from your specific products. And what other options they would have that you compete against. 

You will also have to think about what is the “whole product” as defined by Geoffrey Moore. This will be different depending on market segment and on segment maturity. 

The other aspect that you will have to think about is the organization that the user is a member of, particularly if you sell to businesses? What is the buying center? How do they make decisions? Who will be a positive influencer, who will stand in the way? This varies greatly based on organization size, vertical, geography. You have to understand the mechanics here, preferably based on personal experience and not just hearsay. 

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