Q1 Reading List

I got a lot of reading done. No baseball and no football really helps.

Tom Maschler: Publisher. Fascinating. Unputdownable. Fragments leave you wanting more. Somebody should please write a real biography.
Robert MacFarlane: The Old Ways: A Journey On Foot. Somehow fascinating but ultimately he’s probably too smart for me.
Donna Leon: The Jewels of Paradise. I really wanted to like this. But somehow the whole narrative setup and altogether too much Dan Brown never work and the book never recovers. 

Jess Walter: The Financial Lives of the Poets. Poet turned web entrepreneur turned wannabe drug dealer. Masterful.

Daniel Klein: Travels with Epicurus. Not what I expected. Heavy on the philosophers, light on personal detail.

Pete Townshend: Who Am I. Incredibly interesting. Well written. Audiobook version superbly read by the man himself. Now I’m discovering The Who, who I didn’t really know all that well, and rediscovering his fabulous solo albums. 

n+1, Number Fifteen. Great story by Kristin Dombek, can’t wait for the book.

Ulrich Beck: Das deutsche Europa. Intelligente Diagnose. Leider wenige Therapievorschläge. Die Idee eines obligatorischen “Europajahres” bleibt de facto  ein Prärogativ der Mittelschicht und des Bildungsbürgertums. 

Randall Stross: The Launch Pad. Spending three months in a Y Combinator batch. Really well written, puts you right in the middle. Lots of detail that will be very meaningful if you’ve been there and done that. 

Dave Eggers: A Hologram for the King. Masterful prose about a lost man sleepwalking through Saudi Arabia. If anything it’s too short.

John Banville: Ancient Light. Cleverly crafted and beautifully written. Characters seem a bit synthetic though. Not my favorite Banville novel by far.

James Wood: The Fun Stuff. Literary criticism from the very best. What a fantastic writer with deep insights.

Brigid Keegan: Diplomatic Baggage. A bit light, a bit long. 

Michael Moss: Salt, Sugar, Fat. Surprisingly disappointing. Thin on detail, incomplete, and rambling. 

Reread Salman Rushdie: The Enchantress of Florence. Amazing. 
Geoff Dyer: Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi. Simply wonderful. A great find, courtesy of James Wood. No idea how I did not know about this writer.
Michael Frayn: Skios. Lightweight but very funny.

Joseph Brodsky: Watermark. Wonderful.

Bernhard Schlink: Sommerlügen. Sehr intelligent.
Wolf Wondratschek: Mara. Die Geschichte von Heinrich Schiffs Stradivari. Sehr interessant.
DT Max: Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace. Incredibly well written. 

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