Ten Commandments: Thou shalt be a rockstar. Or have lots of experience

At the beginning there is the team. And nothing else. And if you want to get people to invest in you or buy your early product or come and work for you then those decisions will be dependent on the team and not much else. The team can be remarkable by having found unique talent that can be found nowhere else and/or by assembling deep individual or collective experience. Think hard about what makes you remarkable and why people will not meet the same type of talent at every street corner. 

In most cases the technical talent is at the center of this discussion. Can your engineers develop stuff that other people cannot? Do they use tools or methods that give them an unfair advantage? Or do they just work ten times harder than everybody else in the industry?

Experience obviously can go a long way. How far depends on your business. Think about founder-market fit, i.e. about how deeply you understand the technology and the market that you’re engaging in. Identify deficits and address them, by hiring, partnering, or by bringing on domain expertise in the form of some kind of advisory board.

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