The Ten Commandments

I have spoken a couple of times about the lessons I learned as an entrepreneur and also working with others. Which I packaged into ten commandments of things you should do and things you shouldn’t do. I’ll elaborate on this in the upcoming posts.

On a side note, now that I’m off starting another company, I have a newfound appreciation of how hard it can be to follow all the sensible advice people give you. So feel free to smile if you catch me not following my own commandments at all times…

Here is the list, status 2011. Updates will come later. I’ll explain what these actually mean in the following posts:

  • Thou shalt have secret sauce.
  • Thou shalt be a rockstar. Or have lots of experience. Or both.
  • Thou shalt build a product, not a feature.
  • Thou shalt know thine customer.
  • Thou shalt find a parade and jump in front of it.
  • Thou shalt not be German.
  • Thou shalt have one lawyer.
  • Thou shalt have a board of directors.
  • Thou shalt not require venture capital.
  • Thou shalt honor thine founder.
  • Thou shalt respect thine biorhythm.

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