Q4 Reading List

Recent reading. 
Vea Kaiser: Blasmusikpop. Eindrucksvoll aber nicht perfekt.
Rod Stewart: Rod: The Autobiography. Very well written (probably not by himself) and really interesting. On many levels. 
Christoph Ransmayr: Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes. Hochinteressante Fragmente, von denen jedes gerne länger sein könnte.
Eva Chapman: From Russia to Love – The life and music of Viktoria Mullova. It’s even worse than the title suggests. Neither reader nor subject deserve writing this poor.
John J. Ratey Md, Edward M. Md Hallowell: Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder. Parts interesting, most of it is crap. Very annoying.
Nicola Reiter: Firn. Schaut nach nicht viel aus, ist aber dann erstaunlich interessant.
Jörg Graser: Weißbier im Blut. Naja. Bisschen kurz gesprungen.
Donna Leon: Beastly Things. Solid.
Salman Rushdie: Joseph Anton. Fantastic. Unputdownable. Autobiography written in present tense, the third person. Jarring at first, then completely convincing.
Stewart O’Nan. The Odds. Excellent. Too short.
Jess Walter: Beautiful Ruins. Unputdownable. So much fun.
Tom Service: Music as Alchemy: Journeys with Great Conductors and their Orchestras. Well written and incredibly interesting.

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